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Ok, it had been over three years and nothing had happened to this page. All the hopes and dreams of a potentially brilliant web site were dashed by the extreme laziness of its owner. Well for those of you who have ever been here, guess what, it is update time.
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Lame introduction and excuse section


Lame Text of the second major revision of my page section ( You are reading the third)

Welcome to my home page. This is actually the second incarnation of my home page and as such it is seriously under construction. My first web site was really just a bunch of experiments. I have great plans for this one but I don't know if they will ever come about. But they might, so watch this space.

My Old page suffered from "Web Death". A horrible experience which the page just dies of neglect. It would call to me late at night "You are ignoring me". And since I won't have my pages lie, I ignored it. It finally shut up. This could be a contributing factor to why I don't have children, pets or plants. So if you catch me ignoring this page, mail me and I will do something about it. I know that somewhere out there is an organization for the prevention of cruelty to web pages, and I don't need them on my butt as well. So, if you feel that the content should have been updated more often than it has been, tell me, and I will slap up some schlock to keep you quiet.
I learned quite a bit doing my old page. Life had moved on and so have peoples expectations. I hope this page is much cleaner and less irritating, well at least from a style point of view. I hope to keep up the irritation factor in the content. If their is anything you really liked about my old page, drop me a line and I will incorporate it into this one. I will even dedicate that section to you.

Hopefully you will see some interesting developments here soon. I am currently writing a game and that is taking all my time. I started off wanting to learn practical things about Java, it did that, but I am also learning a lot about game design.
Things I have planned for this site are

  1. Java enabled navigator for traversing this site. About 1/2 done.

  2. Commentaries and stories.

  3. Interactive sections so people who visit can modify the pages within.

  4. And of course my ever famous bookmarks page so I have my bookmarks with me where ever I go

Could happen.

For now I am just going to put up the parts from my old page that are worth keeping.

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Update Log

05-MAY-2005 Added links to images
08-SEP-2001 Updated Friends Links Page. Mostly just removed dead links
08-SEP-2001 Added Everquest Character Page
04-SEP-2001 Updated Main Page (Finally).